Members of Kona Hills

Kona Hills is a large-scale Kona coffee farming operation managed by a consortium of experienced Kona coffee farmers, large scale agricultural/coffee farmers and institutional investors with
extensive worldwide agricultural experience. We all share a passion for quality Kona coffee.

Ferrell Daste

Carmel Alternative Investment Solutions, LLC.

Consultant and Advisor to Kona Hills, LLC

Ferrell has more than 30 years of experience affecting transactions and interacting with the global institutional investor community.

Ferrell is the President of Carmel Alternative Investment Solutions, LLC., which provides marketing consulting services for the alternative asset community inclusive of hedge funds, private equity and agriculture.

During his career, Ferrell held senior roles in the industry, including those with Olam International, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs Investment Banks.

Ferrell currently serves as a Consulting Advisor to the Kona Hills, LLC Management Team.