Members of Kona Hills

Kona Hills is a large-scale Kona coffee farming operation managed by a consortium of experienced Kona coffee farmers, large scale agricultural/coffee farmers and institutional investors with
extensive worldwide agricultural experience. We all share a passion for quality Kona coffee.

Dave Bateman

Kona Hills

Managing Member

Dave Bateman has day-to-day management responsibilities for all regulatory and compliance activities related to all Kona Hills businesses. This includes working with all government, municipal and other regulatory agencies on Kona and in the State of Hawaii.

Dave also owns and operates Heavenly Hawaiian Farms which he started in 2005.  Heavenly Hawaiian Farms is an estate producer where multiple varietals of Kona coffee are grown and milled on-site at their existing properties.  Heavenly Hawaiian is one of the most awarded Kona coffee brands in the region and has distribution in the Hawaiian Islands, Asia, the Pacific Rim and mainland U.S.

Dave is retired from the United States Air Force Reserve as a Judge Advocate with the rank of Colonel.  After his active duty military service, Dave practiced law in Olympia, WA, most recently with the firm of Hanemann, Bateman & Jones, for a total of 23 years.

Prior to his time as a practicing lawyer, Dave served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington in the Department of Natural Resources for four years. Mr. Bateman also held a license as a general contractor and real estate broker in the State of Washington.

Dave maintains law licenses in California, Washington state and Washington, D.C. (all inactive).  He is also a licensed real estate agent in Hawaii and is an active board member of the Hawaii Coffee Association and the Kona Coffee Council.  He is the Vice President and General Counsel of the University of the Nations Kona.