New Vision for Kona Coffee

Kona Hills is a large-scale Kona coffee farming operation managed by a consortium of experienced Kona coffee farmers, large scale agricultural/coffee farmers and institutional investors with extensive worldwide agricultural experience. We all share a passion for quality Kona coffee.

Innovation &

Our goal is to drive the first innovative approach in Kona coffee farming in 60 years by creating a sustainable, large-scale Kona coffee experience. We believe that by utilizing sustainable farming techniques, coupled with our worldwide coffee farming knowledge and experience, we will grow the highest quality sustainable Kona coffee possible for world markets and provide new jobs for the Kona coffee community.

Process &

Sustainable growing and processing practices have become synonymous with quality coffee and our experience has shown us the value in focusing on environmentally friendly practices. Conservation of natural resources is a priority, which we will achieve by leveraging solar energy, utilizing a rain catchment system, implementing new wastewater processing techniques and capturing chaff instead of discarding it.

to Growers

We have established a new Kona coffee trading program to source and purchase the best quality Kona cherry, parchment and green bean. Our commitment to growers includes paying growers a fair price in a timely manner and offering multiple buying station locations for drop off. Once delivered, Kona Hills will sell the green coffee under a trading label through existing commercial relationships.

Expertise &

The demand for quality coffee worldwide has increased for decades and with that has come continual innovation in varietals and planting schemes. We plan to develop and introduce innovative varietals on our historic Hokukano Ranch farm.

We have learned the value of drying coffee to meet customer preference. This will drive our approach to harvesting and drying. We will be selective at harvest and offer a variety of drying methods to match our customers’ preference.