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We strive to develop an ecocentric agricultural company to produce and export quality Kona coffee to a global market, while enhancing the local Hawaiian culture and respect for the land.


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Our goal is to drive the first innovative approach in Kona coffee farming in 60 years by creating a sustainable, large-scale Kona coffee experience. We believe that by utilizing sustainable farming techniques, coupled with our worldwide coffee farming knowledge and experience, we will grow the highest quality sustainable Kona coffee possible for world markets and provide new jobs for the Kona coffee community.

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Kona Hills is a large-scale Kona coffee farming operation managed by a consortium of experienced Kona coffee farmers, with extensive worldwide agricultural experience.

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81-964 Haleki’i Street. Suites A&B Kealakekua, HI 96750

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We believe that sharing our expertise and experience is good for the entire Kona coffee industry. By offering that knowledge and experience to local growers, we believe we can help them improve yields and grow some of the highest quality sustainable coffee on the Island. We will also work with our selected farmers to help them improve the volume of production through our agricultural services program.


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